Media & events

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Sunburnt Country book launch media April-May 2018:


  1. University of Melbourne, public talk event, 5 April, Melbourne
  2. State Library NSW public talk event, in partnership with Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, 10 April, Sydney
  3. Australian National University public talk event, in partnership with the Climate Change Institute, 11 April, Canberra
  4. National Library of Australia public talk event, 12 April, Canberra
  5. Queensland Global Change Institute and AMOS Queensland public talk event, 19 April, Brisbane
  6. Brisbane City Libraries, Chermside Library public talk event, 20 April, Brisbane
  7. Varuna Blue Mountains Sydney Writers Festival panel, Session 1: Cracking Climate by Cracking Consumption, 27-28 April, Blue Mountains NSW
  8. Sydney Writers Festival 2018, Session 2: Climate Change: A Hastening Catastrophe, 2-6 May, Sydney
  9. Euroa Library/Strathbogie Voices public talk event, 13 May, Euroa VIC
  10. AMOS-Tasmania, public talk event, 16 May, Hobart
  11. Federation Uni/BREAZE public talk event, 27 July 2018, Ballarat VIC
  12. State Library VIC public talk event, 26 July 2018, Melbourne
  13. Byron Bay Writers Festival, session 1: The Anthropocene: Human Survival in the New Epoch, 4 August 2018, Byron Bay
  14. Byron Bay Writers Festival, Session 2: Keeping the Blue Planet Green, 5 August 2018, Byron Bay
  15. Melbourne Writers Festival event, Death of the Environment, 1 September 2018, Melbourne
  16. Brisbane Writers Festival event, In Conversation with Helen Caldicott, 6-9 September, Brisbane
  17. Greenpeace Australia, public talk event, 19 September 2018, Kangaroo Valley NSW
  18. Lighter Footprints, Why Should I care? Community forum, Hawthorn Town Hall, 20 October 2018, Melbourne
  19. Perth Writers Week, Session 1: Letters to the future, 21st Feb, University of Western Australia 21-24 February 2019, Perth
  20. Perth Writers Week, Session 2: The Great moral challenge of our Generation, 23rd Feb, University of Western Australia 21-24 February 2019, Perth
  21. Perth Writers Week, Session 3: Sunburnt Country, 24th Feb, University of Western Australia 21-24 February 2019, Perth


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